what we do

Residential Services

We can handle all your residential needs from clearing and mowing of your property to excavation of your site, preparing your site for any concrete or asphalt work, for building of your home or placement of a manufactured home, building a road and installing all necessary utilities. We install storm sewers as well as sanitary sewers. We also install all the different types of septic systems that the County might require, including advantex systems.


We build all our driveways and roads to fit your needs using our experience and knowledge of requirements. We have worked on flat roads as well as steep roads, to grades required.

Building Pads

We prepare building pads for both stick built homes as well as manufactured homes. We work with contractors and Geo reports to do the job right. We have all the equipment to do the job right the first time.

Land Clearing

We do all types of land clearing. We do fire breaks in forest lands. We can clear brush with our brush hog, or timber axe that can mulch trees. We figure out the best and most affordable way to clear the sites for you. We are also able to haul off all stumps and logs.


We install standard, gravity, pressure distribution, mound, sand filter septic systems as well as advantex systems. We have installed systems on flat ground as well as on steep slopes. We also do repairs on sewers and septic systems. We keep up to date on all the rules and regulations required. 

Small Subdivisions

We have done small subdivisions up to large subdivisions with 100 lots. We have taken care of the scheduling of all phases of the project from the excavation through the paving of the roads and installation of the utilities. We have handled all the testing and inspections. We can keep the project on schedule and the budget under control.

Contact Information

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